Monday, 16 April 2012

Mirgi Nashak Yantra मिर्गी नाशक यन्त्र

If you or some one in your family is suffering from Hysteria, Epilepsy or seizures or any problem due to it or related to it, then contact me to get the  "Mirgi Nashak Yantra" made by very powerful mantras to get rid from the disease and stop the epileptic seizures attacks, as it reduces the number of attacks with in 5 days and stops fully with in a month.Thankyou

यदि आप या आपके परिवार मेँ कोई सदस्य मिर्गी, मानसिक दौरे, या उनके कारण कम्पन या अकड़न से परेशान है तो उससे बचने एवम रोग नाश हेतु अत्यंत शक्तिशाली मंत्र सिद्ध " मिर्गी रोग नाशक " कवच उपलब्ध है। मँगवाने हेतु मैसेज अथवा ईमेल करेँ। धन्यवाद  

अन्य किसी जानकारी या सलाह हेतु या  मंत्र सिद्ध उक्त ताबीज़ मंगवाने के लिए संपर्क कर सकते हैं


  1. kindly let me know how much it costs. my email id:

  2. kindly let me know how it work & where from find. my email id:

    1. Pravin Dave ji its all based on mantra power and has given very good response in many patients suffering from epilepsy and seizures due to different diseases or reasons. In many patients who had couple of seizures daily it responded with in 15 days and it reduced the onset and stopped completely with in 6-7 months while in some it took time and they also gave feed back that the onset is delayed now.
      You can contact me on following no.