Friday, 24 February 2012

Abhimantrit Laghu Nariyal

Dear Friends,
If you are facing problems in different faces of life.
If after very hard work you are unable to get results.
If you bank balance is going low.
If some one in your family is very sick and not getting any solutions.
If you have fear of loosing your life.
If you think some one is using black Magic/ Jadu Tona/ Tantra Mantra on you and your family.

Here is a Golden Chance for you to get " Sidhha Abhimantrit Laghu Nariyal" and Maha-Mrityunjaya Yantra manta siddha on special occasion of Maha Shivratri & Amavasya with Maha-Mrityunjaya Mantra and get rid of all your problems. As you may know that laghu nariyal is one of the very rare tantra items and considered as very effective and as Goddess Laxmi herself. Keeping it at home temple, money locker of your house and shop increases your wealth and keep all the problems away and Maha -Mrityunjaya yantra saves you from all the difficulties of life including death and fulfills all your desires.

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Pt. A.B. Pandey

Monday, 13 February 2012

Banda: The Tantric Herbs

Hello friends,
   Today i am going to tell you about one more very useful thing which is very frequently used in tantra shastra and considered as one of the very effective thing is " Banda". Now the thing is that What is Banda?

So, Banda is a tree( ped/ vriksha) or creeper(Lata/bel) which grows on another tree.It takes nutrition from the tree on which it grows, its root sucks out nutrional things from its host tree n dont touches the ground. Please dont get confused in between those creepers which grows from ground and climbs on trees. The most common banda you may have sen coud be Peepal tree and Banyan Tree which are quite commonly seen growing on each other or any other tree. Banda is considered very effective in tantra shastra and has a ritual of taking or plucking from the tree which i have already told you in my last post.

Here i am telling you about those Banda's which grows on following trees

1. Banda on ber:( means any plant frowing on Ber tree):-   Follow proper rituals while removing the banda from the ber tree. Then bath the banda and worship it. Tie it in red cloth and wear it. All your wishes will come true.

2. Banda on bargad: Tying this banda on your arm will bring success and it even protects you.

3. Banda on harsingar: This is a very rare banda. Tie this banda in a red cloth and keep it in your purse or locker or where you put money. It will ensure that you will never feel money less.

4. Banda on anar: Worship this banda and keep it in the house. It will ward off any kind of negativity or ghosts.

5. Banda on amla: Tie this band on your arm and stay away from fear of thieves, dacoits or wild animals.

6. Banda on neem: Make you enemy touch neem banda. It will ensure that your enemy's suffering begins.

7. Banda on mango tree: Tie this banda on your arm and become invincible.

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Use Herbs in place of gems and get benefit


Today i am going to tell you about herbs(roots) which you can use in place of gems because they give same result as of gems and are very effective for Grah-shanti and making them strong and useful. Most of astrologers sugest gemstones or sell you gems but a buyer always has a fear that i am spending so much money but will it be worth and useful. So here is a good way, you can try these herbs in place of gemstones and if it suits you, you can go and buy a gem from your known or authentic gem dealer. These herbs you can get from a herb dealer shop or "Pansari" as we call him in North India, and all these herbs will at very economical price. If you know the plant take it yourself and use it.

taking herb root by self from a plant has a little procedure, suppose Bel or Bilva root is used in place of Manik/Ruby for sun and you know the plant so on saturday if you are going to wear it on sunday or one day before the Muhurta when you are going to wear it go to the plant of Bilva/Bel offer some water, roli sindur kumkum, Akshat(unbroken rice grains), some sweet may be Batasha or sugar and request the plant that " tommorow i am going to take some part of your root and request you to give me your root to keep me out of all problems and help in all fields of life". take the root about one inch long and thick as of your finger, come home wash it with ganga jal or others holy rivers water or fresh water and put roli sindur kumkum, offer dhoop deep and recite 11 rosaries of Sun mantra and waer it in your neck or hand in a red cloth.

The herbs for differnt planet are as follows:-

Planet               Gem               Root of Herb/Jadi          Day         Cloth/Thread Colour to wear

Sun                   Ruby              Bilva/Bel                      Sunday                Red

Moon               Pearl                Khirni                          Monday              White

Mars                Red Coral        Anantmool                    Tuesday              Red/Saffron

Mercury          Emerald            Vidhara                        Wednesday          Green

Jupiter           Yellow Sapphire   Banana                     Thursday              Yellow

Venus            Diamond            Majeeth/Erand             Friday                  White

Saturn          Blue Sapphire      Bichhoo Ghas              Saturday              Dark Blue

Rahu             Gomed              Chandan/Asagandh       Saturday               Brown

Ketu              Cat’s Eye           Kusha root/ Bargad      Thursday              Grey

Remember all these are roots which you have to wear for the planet you need or want to waer gem.

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