Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Jobless: Try this out

Hi friends thanks for your responses and mails on my blog and my articles, but i would like some more feedback from you  so that i can know that what more i should do and write or post to help you more and more.

Today i am going to tell you one more use of Banda tantra, which is very very effective and specially for those who are jobless and by using this Banda tantra they can get a good job . for this you have to find a Peepal tree which is hosting up some other tree on it self or you can say Peepal ka banda( some tree or creeper growing on peepal tree).
  So first you have to find this peepal ka banda and If saturn is good in your Kundali, then you should go to that tree on Friday and offer it waer , roli, kumkum, sweet and dhoop deep at the time of sunset or after sunset and request it that " tomorrow i will come and take some part of your root and request you to take away my all problems and give a  god job". and come back. Next day means on Saturday in early morning you should go and take some part of the root (approx 1 inches long and as of thickness of your finger) of that tree or creeper growing on peepal and come back( remember while going and cutting the root of banda you have to recite the antra "Om Namah Shivay" as much you can)  . After wards you should wash it with Ganga jal or some other holy water or fresh tap water and worship it after offering deep dhoop roli kumkum,  by following mantra 108 times:-

                             " Om aim hreem shreem Shanaishcharaye namah"

After doing this you should tie it using a black thread in your arm or neck and hopefully with in a few weeks you will get a job.

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